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What is Total Enterprise CRM?

Total Enterprise CRM provides businesses with a powerful yet inexpensive CRM system with features that would usually only be available through either custom made solutions or ultra-high cost CRM solutions far out of reach of the average business.

Many other CRM solutions are rigid or lack functionality, which results in the business making compromises against their original objectives.

Total Enterprise CRM gives a business a strategic impact by removing the usual barriers to entry that businesses face when contemplating systemizing their business processes.

Customizable to any business regardless of business model

  • Ease and speed of implementation - operational in a day
  • Automation and integration gives real day-one productivity benefits; therefore easier for business justification
  • Cost – because it negates the usual development cost associated with process customization.
  • Easy migration – using our migration wizard for various branded CRM solutions that might be used
  • Ecommerce enabled – Shopping cart, web forms all integrated and synchronised with the CRM out of the box makes trading online seamless process.


Total Enterprise CRM supports automation of business processes through its drag and drop work-flow engine. It’s so easy to use that this can be managed by the business without the need to engage consultants for help.

Return on Investment

Total Enterprise CRM is delivered as an out-of-the-box solution - which reduces the cost of a CRM system implementation dramatically. Even with minimal automation or integration will give a return on investment from day one.

Ease of Management

Total Enterprise CRM is your flexible friend that supports the business as it changes or expands. For instance, the forms are customizable, with no limits on the number of fields that can used and does not dictate how or what you names these fields. I might call a customer a person but you might call a customer a company. Total Enterprise CRM allows for these types of changes, and more in its easy to use management screen.


Initial implementation of the CRM is fast, thanks to a simple install wizard for both the desktop computers and the server. Data Migration from existing entry-level CRM systems can be easily catered for by our one-click migration wizard, which copies all of your data into Total Enterprise CRM in moments.

Competitive edge

Gain a competitive edge using powerful, easy to use automation features and e-Commerce integration capabilities.

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