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CRM Asterisk Integration

Total Enterprise CRM integrates with the Asterisk PBX system giving Total Enterprise CRM powerful call-centre features. It provides CRM users with streamlined Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephone services from within the CRM application.

Besides its cost advantages, VoIP allows businesses to automate call times and document calls. The call information can be viewed with customer transaction data, enabling a business to get clearer profiles of its customers.

This revolutionary capability adds powerful call management features to the CRM that are simply unavailable in similar solutions.

Features and Benefits

Total Enterprise CRM offers features to easily integrate your telephone system and your CRM contacts, creating the most efficient contact management. Features include:

Click-to-Call buttons

Simply click and you're connected! Click-to-Call icons appear automatically next to all phone numbers in the system.

Popup notification windows

Notifies users about incoming calls and provides information the caller. The popup notification windows are matched to the company and/or contact records inside the CRM and automatically provide users with accurate and current information to help manage calls.

As an example, when a call comes in an agent receives a pop-up window on his or her desktop with a complete picture of the customer's relationship with your company.

Work as a team: Integrated Conferencing and Call Transfer

Working in a team environment is easy with the Total Enterprise CRM Asterisk tools, such as conferencing and call transfer features.

Call History Logs

Total Enterprise CRM automatically logs call times (including calls that are busy or not answered) for reporting purposes.

Record Calls

Total Enterprise CRM can also store the voice records of the call allowing you to keep voice records inside the CRM for later access.

Call Centre features

The Total Enterprise CRM facilitates putting customers in queues until someone in the company can take their call, tracking wait time and queues. Since call data is stored within the CRM it can be easily associated with campaigns for powerful dashboard reporting.

Supervisor Listen and Whisper

In a call centre environment, the ability for the supervisor listen and whisper is very important. With the Total CRM Asterisk Integration, this task can be accomplished with just a click.

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