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Cut your “cost of doing business” with a smart CRM implementation

The decision to research a CRM is usually made due to your business having growing pains. Not a bad problem to have. Your business is successful but is probably carrying a heavy work load and you just know there is a smarter way to work.

We usually find companies that have one or all of the following scenarios existing in their workplace; staff working off Excel spreadsheets, duplication of tasks, doubling up of data entry into multiple systems, lack of transparency on what people are working on, not knowing what sales are in the pipeline and who is working on what, untapped opportunities in their customer database, slowness in getting back to new and existing clients, too much paper work and manual processes.

An important part of the buying decision is trying to quantify what the likely return on investment is to be. After all, a CRM can be a significant investment.

Here is just ONE scenario where a CRM can reduce the cost of doing business

Reduce the steps in the sales process

Think about the steps that are involved for you to close a sale, and then work out how much time it takes and over what time frame. Now how many of these can you be working on at any one time? If you multiply that by your average sale value you now know (roughly) what your potential (limited) sales volume is.

Let’s say for argument sake that the first step is the “follow-up on the initial enquiry”. As this is currently a manual process, it takes you 10 days for each lead (we will ignore the fact it takes 5 leads to turn into a sale).

With the CRM you are able to send an automated email response as soon as the enquiry comes in, the system has automatically assigned it to you, as you cover the Sydney area and the email is signed off by you.

The CRM then sets up a task in your calendar for you to make a call the next day. The system also emails you the initial enquiry and tells you that you’re scheduled to call tomorrow.

What is the gain?

You’ve just given the prospect a great first impression and you’ve beaten all your competitors because only you got back to them immediately (even though really you were out on your lunch break). The speed and responsiveness has just increased your likelihood of closing this sale and you’ve reduced the first step by 8 days. You just gained extra valuable time to service more clients or go that extra mile with the other opportunities.

If you’re the company owner or head of sales you’ll be multiplying this by all your sales staff. Over a month or a year you’ll have easily demonstrated a great return for your CRM investment.

Other examples of CRM reducing the cost of doing business:

  • Automated payment reminders
  • Scheduled invoice creation and sending
  • Dynamic list building for follow-up, sales calls or marketing campaigns

What’s next?

Why don’t you request a demo of our CRM system and use that opportunity to highlight what business process or need you would like to reduce or eliminate from your company. Total Enterprise CRM is highly flexible, scalable and integrates with many systems straight out of the box.

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