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Create Custom Fields in CRM

Many CRM systems allow the renaming of existing fields, but Total Enterprise CRM takes this one step further with our CRM Studio capabilities. With Total Enterprise CRM you can:

  • Create unlimited new database fields.
  • Create fields of special type, such as Phone number and Email address.
  • Create links to other records in the database, for example, field Manager could be a linked to another Contact record.
  • Create entire new structures related to your business.

If the data isn't stored in your CRM, you can't use it!  Total Enterprise CRM makes sure you can store all your data the way you need it.

Simple Custom Fields

To create a custom field is quick and easy.

  • Give the field a name.
  • Choose a type of field, for example, Text, Email, Phone, Lookup, Date, Currency.
  • Set default value if required.
  • Choose if the field should be readonly, or mandatory.

The field is now created and can be dragged on to your form.

Screen showing how to create a new custom field

Custom Data Sources

Standard data sources in Total Enterprise CRM include Person, Company, To-Do Item, Company and Meeting - but it's possible and easy to create your own if you need to store data in structured ways.

Using the example of a hotel wanting to record details of a guest's history with them, we might want to have available the following information:

  • Guest's Name
  • Date of Stay
  • Number of days stayed
  • Amount paid

Total Enterprise CRM makes this task quite straightforward - if you're familiar with Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel, this will be quite familiar to you.

  • Make a new datasource and call it "Stay History:
  • Using the procedure above, create the custom fields that we need.

Now we've created a custom datasource, it can be dragged onto the "Person" record.

How useful are custom fields in CRM?

Custom fields and datasources provide a great way for businesses to make sure ALL of their data is stored inside CRM.

For example:

  • A financial services company may wish to store assets and liabilities.
  • A hotel may wish to store rooms.
  • A computer store may wish to store technical information on products such as resolution, processor, pages printed per minute.

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