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CRM Solution for Wineries

Tall Emu is experienced in working in the wine industry, having designed and developed the original telemarketing system used by a leading outsourced wine marketing business.  As such, we’re uniquely placed to deliver CRM solutions to the wine industry.

Total Enterprise CRM allows your winery to market to existing customers using email, letters, SMS and fax.  It will track your products to the bottle as well as store the members prior purchase history.

Our product can be completely tailored to your wineries individual needs, including:

Flexible data capture

Store all of the information about your members, including club membership level, preferences and profile information, notes and order history.

Smart Product management

Store information about the wines you sell, vintage, tasting notes, awards, images, technical notes, winemaker, and variety details.    The products can be bundled into “packs” so when you sell a mixed dozen the underlying product stock levels are updated, letting you report on both sales by bottle and pack.  Of course, it’s possible to store special members pricing too.

Sell Wine Online

Our shopping cart connects to CRM so orders generated online are seamlessly added to the system for processing.  Products, packages and images you enter in the CRM are also automatically loaded into your online store, saving valuable admin time.

Streamlined Order Processing

Web orders, or called-in to your club are all added in the CRM (automatically, in the case of an order received from the web).    From here, you can process and track the order (which is updated to the website, so members can see the status) through to delivery.  The source of the order is clearly displayed – online or office.

Batch Credit Card Payment

Once orders are in your system, you can charge the cards individually or in batch, before preparing the orders for despatch.   Receipts and invoices (pdf) are generated automatically.

CRM and eParcel Despatch

If you despatch wine using eParcel, we’ve got you covered.   Total Enterprise CRM can export eParcel file format, reducing data-entry, saving time and typing errors ensuring orders go out faster and more accurately.

Everything else

The main benefit of Total Enterprise CRM is flexibility.  It’s been designed to be easy to customise, and while our standard winery package covers a lot – if you need more it is easy and cost effective to do.

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