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Shared Calendar

Keep your eye on the ball

A shared calendar is the simplest way to plan meetings, check team-member availability and workload and manage situations easily where people are off sick but may have commitments they haven't cancelled.

Total Enterprise CRM Calendar

Total Enterprise CRM's shared calendar shows what's going on at a glance. Calendar events go far beyond simply booking meetings for staff. They can be related to any sales opportunity, marketing campaign, customer service issues. Calls and tasks can be shown on the calendar too, so you have an easy day, week or month view of the tasks needed to be performed.

Keep track of your todo items, meetings, calls and tasks with the shared calendar function.

For example, a salesperson might need to book a meeting with a customer and need to take a service technician along to resolve an issue. They can check on the tech's availability while on the phone to the customer and confirm the meeting right away. This is especially handy for projects or sales that require the assistance of several members of staff from different areas of the company.

Transfer to and from Outlook and handheld devices

Calendar events can easily be transferred to and from Microsoft Outlook, allowing them to be synched to your iPhone or other PDA.

Reporting on Calendar events and tasks

To keep your team working at its best, it's possible to view a filterable list of meetings, calls and tasks (Activities) in a grid.  This allows you to quickly see how many meetings and calls - based on your filter critera - have been made.

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