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Total Enterprise CRM - the CRM that works the way you do

Total Enterprise CRM is a powerful yet affordable CRM system with features that would usually only be available through either custom made solutions or ultra-high costing CRM/ERP software. Total Enterprise CRM is easy to tailor to the way you work.

Total Enterprise CRM has the standard CRM capabilities you would expect, like a 360 degree view of customers, sales and business activity. The ability to track work, create reports and query the data captured with ease.

CRM that Connect with anything

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Total Enterprise CRM provides a platform to integrate with almost anything. It can sit in the middle of any business and manage, collect, share or broadcast data with almost any system you choose (inside or outside your organisation).

CRM with Rich functionality

  • Provides a Workflow engine to help automate your business processes
  • Integrates your business systems, like your Website, Shopping Cart or Accounting System (MYOB/EXO or Quickbooks)
  • Easy Communication features - emails, HTML templates and Social Network Management
  • eCommerce enabled, with Web Forms, lead tracking and Shopping Cart
  • Reports, Dashboards, CRM Analytics and lead tracking function

Why do I need a CRM system?

This is a fair question and the best way to answer it is to ask you some questions which will help you to understand some of the issues CRM can solve.

If your find yourself answering these questions with either a “No” or “Yes but it’ll take me a while” or “I am not sure how” then a CRM solution has the ability to change all that for you.

Example questions

  • How many customers are within the sale district covered by your office?
  • How many of your sales staff converts opportunities into actual sales orders?
  • What are the sales figures for this month compared to this time last year?
  • Your top sales person has just left the company, what deals was he working on and what is their current status?
  • How many days does it take for a quote to turn into a sales order? (And then into an invoice?)
  • Someone has just visited your website and filled in your Contact form. Have you responded yet, how long would it take? Has anyone been assigned to follow-up?
  • An invoice has been marked as paid in the CRM, when is your accounting system going to get updated with this information? Or are you going to re-enter it manually?

What is CRM?

CRM is not a fancy excel spreadsheet. Actually we try and eliminate Excel as the source of data management because it is prone to errors, and only one person can work on it at one time. It’s surprising how many businesses are still run on Excel spreadsheets.

There are many definitions of CRM and as you can see, CRM can do a lot in your business but the most universal definition is similar to this one below.

A CRM system is a central place (database) for all company data and where company activity is recorded and managed from. This data can be shared by all or selected people.

Being a database it can be updated, shared, queried and acted upon. You can even automate actions based on the information within the database using the Workflow engine.

CRM should be seen as a central platform that other systems feed into or from. It soon becomes the most important piece of software you have in your business.

Most but not all CRM’s can also be customised to suit your business peculiarities. Although most businesses have similar functions, the way they work can be very varied, so you need a system that can be tailored to how you work (not the other way around).

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What’s next?

Why don’t you request a demo of our CRM software and use that opportunity to highlight what business process or pain points you would like to reduce or eliminate from your company. CRM is a highly flexible, scalable CRM which integrates with many systems straight out of the box.

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