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Marketing made easy with Total Enterprise CRM

Marketing in TECRM is mainly managed through Campaigns. There are three important types of marketing campaign inside the CRM - Telemarketing, email marketing and event marketing.

What is a campaign?

A campaign in CRM is just like a real-world marketing campaign. It's a plan for a marketing activity, with results that you want to track. There are several types of campaign with special support in Tall Emu CRM Studio:

  • Telemarketing Campaigns
  • Web or Google advertising campaigns

When you first setup a campaign, you may decide to perform some or all of the following steps:

  • Create Targets – Who is the campaign targeted at? If you’re doing an email campaign to existing contacts in your database, this is where you specify them.
  • Add Participants – for internal use – which of your employees is involved in this marketing campaign
  • Add respondents – This is where the results of the campaign are flagged; Respondents are people who responded to your campaign in some way (positive or negatively)
  • Create Opportunity – for tracking sales opportunities that result from the campaign

It is also possible to link Projects, Tasks, Documents , Notes, calls or meetings to tasks which makes it easy to track all related items to marketing campaigns from a single screen.

Email, Fax, SMS and Mail Campaigns

Email campaigns in Total Enterprise CRM are very powerful, and many features are geared to getting the most out of this kind of activity.

Once the campaign is set up in CRM, you can:

  • Create email templates to send to your target audience
  • Send the emails (or faxes, letters or SMS Messages) to the targets
  • Collect responses using web forms which automatically update the CRM database
  • Automatically respond to the campaign responses using email auto-responders
  • Assign tasks or perform actions automatically using workflows
  • Track Results of email campaigns - clicks, opens, most popular links

Telemarketing Campaigns

If you wish to perform a telemarketing campaign using Total Enterprise CRM, there are several useful features.

Firstly, the campaign is set up much like any other. The goals, campaign type and target list (if appropriate) are generated. From here, one can click the "Prepare Call List" button. This generates a list of phone calls to be made in relation to this campaign, and assigns them to the campaign's participants. Calls will appear in the "My Calls" list of the participants as unscheduled outbound calls.

Web Campaigns

Web based campaigns like Google Adwords campaigns are powerfully catered for within Tall Emu CRM.  The following tasks could be completed to setup a web campaign in Tall Emu CRM.

  • Create your landing page - this is where the inbound visitors will be directed
  • Create a webform -  or series of webforms with a call to action (fill this in to get a free e-book, get a quote) and put it on your landing page
  • Link the Web Form to a campaign inside the CRM - this will associate the respondents to the form with that campaign,meaning every generated lead can correctly be assigned to that campaign.

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