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Email and Campaign Management

With Email, Fax, SMS and letter-based marketing, Total Enterprise CRM gives you flexible options to reach your prospects.

Personalised HTML E-mail

Total Enterprise CRM’s built in email editor allows the quick and easy editing of HTML or plain text email newsletters, promotional materials and special offers. You can use any information stored about the customer – not just name and address, but anything stored in the CRM.

For example, you might wish to e-mail all your customers who’ve purchased a certain item in the past to let them know the new model is available.  Or, you could have an automated email 2 weeks before the anniversary of a purchase offering a free check-up or extended warranty.

There are many ways you can use regular email, fax or SMS updates and special to offer extra value to your customers and keep them keen.

List Management

Most companies need advanced methods to categorise customers other than simply doing a mass-blast to all. Total Enterprise CRM offers the most powerful list management in any CRM in its price range, allowing you to quickly and easily generate customer or contact lists that are an exact fit for your business needs – and you can store them for later use.

Create accurate, re-useable target lists based on static data such as “These 100 customers” or Dynamic target lists such as “Top 100 customers for the last calendar month” or “all customers who bought this item from me a year ago today”.

Email Monitoring (Click tracking)

Monitor email marketing responses, including who opened your emails, who clicked-through, who unsubscribed and the leads generated to ensure future campaigns target the intended audience.

Mail Merge

Producing mail merge documents has often been a task that is too complicated for the everyday user.
Now with Total Enterprise CRM the creation of mail merge templates for letters, flyers or envelopes is something anyone can handle. Word actually sits within the CRM itself, so you simply choose “New Template” and use Word normally. When you’re done, hit save and that’s it! No complex tool bars or merge-codes to memorise.

Personalized Fax Outs

Total Enterprise CRM supports faxing without the need of a fax machine. Fax templates are created and edited in CRM in precisely the same way email and Mail Merge templates are handled.

Know your customer’s history

Whether it’s email, printed documents, faxes or SMS messages, everything that’s sent becomes part of a contact’s history in CRM, viewable in a variety of ways by any authorised user.

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